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Latest News

A Word From Our First Intern, David

david bDavid Bertoldi joined Finding Rhythms in January 2014 as our first ever intern. He has worked tirelessly and with endless supplies of polite determination to help us make our first event – taking place on 29 May 2014 – an evening packed with delights. Here he writes about what the experience has been like for him.


The first time I met Emily Vermont, it was through a computer screen in a Skype call on a Monday morning, merely 36 hours before I was to board a plane to London for nearly four months. I was nervous, and I ran to my bedroom moments before the call began because I was worried that, if I stayed at the kitchen table, my dog would bark and no British employer would ever want to hire an American with a dog that barks. The conversation was short, but certain. I quickly learned two things – first, that I should expect a lot of work and responsibility in the coming months, and two, that Emily was very British, and I needed to start adjusting to her accent immediately. At least my dog didn’t bark once.

I study Communication & Culture at Clark University, a small liberal arts college and research university in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. The opportunity to study abroad presented itself over a year ago, and I began the application process in the early spring of 2013. The particular program that appealed to me most, via CAPA International Education, would allow me to simultaneously study and work as an intern in London. Over a year later, here I am.

I have been working with Emily since the end of January, doing what I can to help her organize Finding Rhythms’ first big bash – a concert fundraiser set for the 29th of May. Mostly, I have been working to garner sponsorship and contributions from local food and drink venues: bakeries, delicatessens, breweries, cheese producers, and more. Some of you reading this may have received an email from me (or two!). It has been a personal learning experience from day one. I owe many thanks to Emily, for being an incomparably, genuinely supportive and creative supervisor. Emily has understood from the beginning that, while I came here to work and help her make this exciting fundraiser a reality, I have also been learning, experiencing, and adjusting to life in a new and foreign place as an international student.

Finding Rhythms, beginning with Emily and Robin, is full of passionate people who understand the bigger picture. I can tell, after only a brief glimpse into the world of Finding Rhythms, that this is a collective of individuals who simply will not rest until the job is done. I am so, so fortunate to have been a part of the Finding Rhythms team, even if only for a couple of months. I am sad to leave it behind, but I have created connections that will last long after I fly away. Good luck, Emily and Robin, with every future project, and may your message and your mission be heard around the world.


David Bertoldi
Clark University Class of ’15

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