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Latest News

FR010 | “I’ve been running but I can’t hide, done a bit of dirt that can’t slide”

Songs From the Cells, Finding Rhythms’ tenth project comprises of 14 tracks and was written and recorded by 9 talented musicians at HMP Onley. The group were guided by guest musicians Benjamin Henry Edwards, Ruth Goller, Jessica Greenfield, Sam Lewis, Jamie McCredie and David Ridley (check out their profiles on our Artists page). The many talented participants and musicians worked together as equals, creating another unforgettable album…

The album kicks off with ‘running’ a ‘bob your head to the beat’ track – A great introduction into the album. Expressing the mental struggles of life and realising nothing gets better… when you continue to ‘run from yourself’.

‘Gotta do whats right’ brings in the blend of aggressive yet passionate lyrics balanced with calm and settling vocals. Raw but honest – wanting to raise higher while struggling to stay on the right path, yet still having the faith and drive to continue on…

Slowing the pace down just a notch – we have the soft, soothing vocals of ‘Missing you’, allowing your mind to travel then bringing forth the rhythmic lyrics to complete your mental imagery…

Track 4 we have the beautiful instrumental that will have you in awe alone. That jazz /funk influence and subtle vocals with stunning backing vocals towards the end – ‘This Way’ displays a man admitting his flaws and wanting to right his wrongs. I think we’ve all been there!

‘All I ever wanted’ – This track has my daughter dancing so I know we’re on to a good one here. It’s a ‘get up and dance’ track but behind all that the song is about expressing the passion/love you have for someone – so why not get up and dance!

Phew… That was just a selection of tracks taken from HMP Onley’s debut album, enough to tickle your taste buds. No song sounds alike and this album is one you can enjoy with a cup of tea or even a beer and indulge in 14 original tracks, each one taking you on a different journey. Listen to the full album and if you like it, buy a copy, here!

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