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Latest News

Latest News

FR014 | “It’s like giving someone the ingredients and they make a cake”

So…here we are, it’s September and its coming up to a year since I joined Finding Rhythms. A year that has flown by so fast I can’t get all my bearings 🙂 but what an amazing experience it has been all the same. My mind has absorbed so much information in the past year, I’ve developed a hunger to absorb as much as the mind can take, to gain more knowledge as well as skills that are invaluable and transferable for the future. With the support and funding from Trusthouse Charitable Foundation there is so much more to look forward to. So watch this space….


Now to the juicy bits…. our 14th album from HMP Standford Hill is complete! The debut album ‘View From the Hill’ is now out so give it a listen here.


13 original tracks written and performed by eight musicians; mature sounds throughout with a mixture of folk, country, funk & groove tracks. A step away from rap/hiphop this time around, ‘View From the Hill’ has your mind’s attention solely on the power of their words and the feelings behind each story. With heartfelt emotions across this album, your mind gets swept away onto the shores of love, past memories and loss and for that reason it definitely stands out – showing that every project has a different musical outcome with every participant having a different approach to the next, but all collectively creating outstanding results. So, if the power of love is something you stand for then this is a great album for you to enjoy.


Picking a few of my favourites, here’s a short review of our latest album and feedback from some of the participants on the course…


We start with ‘Slow Down’ and things seem to be a little too fast paced for these lot in this fun track where the tempo gets taken up a notch and it almost feels as if they are on a train getaway towards love, but having to ‘slow down’ as the intensity increases.


With a little bit of funk and groove ‘now that I’ve met you’ tells a story of the rhythmic flow of two souls in tune with their inner desires, embracing one another with the strength of their love


‘Somebody’ is a beautiful song about finding that somebody but unaware that the person you have been searching for has always been in your presence….


‘Love Train’ is so groovy! Smooth lyrics with strong vocals from the highly talented Jess Greenfield….


Here’s what some of the participants at HMP Standford Hill had to say about their experience on the course…


“I found it very educational and it gave me the confidence to write. Usually I write a song, look at it in the morning and there’s no way that’s leaving for anyone else to see. So the fact that I brought it along and gave it a go says a lot for the course, that it’s given me the confidence to do that.”

– Pete, project participant


“When we put the elements together, we made it come alive. Once we put our minds to it and we worked on it, it was like an explosion, we was all alive and we was all feeling the energy. I would take away everyone’s experience because without feeling and emotions what have we got in a song?! We came in here and made it something.”

– Gerry, project participant


“People in particular who have not written a song before – for those who don’t have confidence in themselves to then go and in one case to walk out on the hoof… It was just amazing to see those people achieve that.”

– Stuart, project participant


“What is fascinating is if someone has a couple little snippets of ideas, they pass it on and then it evolves and it becomes something. Like giving someone the ingredients and they make a cake..!”

– James, project participant


FR014 is out now and CDs will go on sale very soon. Contact us to pre-order your copies!

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