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We see first-hand the powerful impact of Finding Rhythms’ courses on the prisoners and young people that we work with. Our projects achieve a number of positive outcomes, enabling our learners to:


Gain experience of working in a high-intensity professional environment.


Increase their ability to communicate and collaborate.


Engage in education when they have not responded well to conventional learning in the past.


Improve their prospects for employment and further study.


But don’t just take it from us, here is what our participants say:

To date, 92% said that they got experience of starting and completing a project

87% said that they learned more about working in a professional environment


87% said the course helped them to express themselves, and also that they learned how to work with other people


68% said the course had helped to change their opinion of education

89% said the course had made them feel more confident about what they could achieve in future


86% said the course helped them think differently about themselves

89% said they had developed skills they would use outside the project


97% of candidates achieved the BTEC certificate

We know that our projects help learners to develop in three important areas:


The challenge of creating music from scratch requires participants to work as a team, communicate effectively and respect each other’s contribution. The shared sense of purpose, tight deadline and growing recognition of each other’s strengths forges a sense of community and develops the emotional understanding that is needed for good relationships.


“I enjoyed helping others through this process as well, and being able to be an encouraging person for them when they weren’t feeling as confident in what they were doing, and I know that is definitely something I enjoy.” – Learner, HMPYOI Bronzefield


Our courses encourage soft skills that employers look for, and participants have the chance to earn a BTEC in Supporting Employability and Personal Effectiveness, to show prospective employers their achievements in communication, teamwork, task management and reflective learning.


“It was particularly nice to observe the learners being encouraged to take ownership of their compositions, having their opinions and wishes prioritised whilst communicating amongst themselves. This was connected to employability in a very effective way and the learners have told me that their confidence and optimism has improved during the time they have spent with Finding Rhythms.” – Staff member, HMP Cardiff


Identity and self-belief
We give participants the chance to shine at something, whether that’s percussion, singing, rapping, lyric-writing or being a facilitator, and to take pride in achievement.


“When S and R talk about the song that I wrote and say how good it is, that means more to me than me knowing it’s good myself, because they have such different taste in music, but…I still recognise when their tracks are good and they still recognise when my tracks are good.” – Learner, HMYOI Feltham

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