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We see first-hand the powerful impact of Finding Rhythms’ courses on the prisoners that we work with. But don’t just take it from us, here is what our participants say:


87% said they gained experience working in a professional environment


85% said Finding Rhythms helped them to think differently about themselves


89% said the course helped them to work better with other people


90% said they felt more confident about what they could achieve in future


75% said the course improved their language and behaviour


96% have passed with a BTEC certificate in employability skills


Peter enrolled on a course we ran at a Category B prison in Sep – Nov 2014. He was talented at programming a Yamaha keyboard to create electronic instrumentals, but found it very difficult to collaborate with others to develop his tracks further. He was happiest being left to work on his ideas alone, with a pair of large headphones over his ears, and showed a fiery temper if anyone challenged him to put ideas forward to the group. However, over the course of the project his demeanour softened and by the end he was collaborating openly with fellow participants. From the sixth week onwards he visibly skipped in and out of every session.


david impact“Peter was a real cause for concern when he started the course, prone to self-harm and outbursts of violence, which have ceased altogether since he did Finding Rhythms.”

Mother Susie Simpson, Managing Chaplain


“Before I had Finding Rhythms I’d be sitting in my cell having beats running through my head and it would wind me up. I’d sit there in my cell getting myself more and more wound up, but then when I could come up here to Finding Rhythms I could release it, like mangled spaghetti onto a plate. 


“It helped me be better in a group setting too. I used to isolate myself; usually it’s my way or no way, but Finding Rhythms helped me to think yeah, this person may have an idea that I haven’t even thought of. Halfway through the project I was like, “OK, I need to get involved a bit more now.” I had so many ideas but how was I gonna do it if I just sat in the corner by myself? The energy in the room drew me in. Everyone was so happy with what they were creating and I wanted to join in.


“If I didn’t have music, I’d be a worse version of who I am. It allows me to express myself and be the person who I like to be. Whether I do or don’t make it in the music industry is irrelevant – I’m not coming back to jail.”

Peter, FR Graduate


Eight months after the course, Peter had not had another violent outbreak and had not returned to self-harming. Having completed a second successful project with us in 2015, Peter is now working towards the possibility of volunteering with Finding Rhythms as a sound engineer after his release from prison in 2016.

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