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Jack Kingslake

Guest musician


Jack Kingslake is a musician, producer, composer, mentor and workshop leader who has worked for many years across the music industry. As an electronic artist, guitarist and percussionist Jack has played in bands across a range of genres, and he has built a reputation as a composer in the theatre world. Jack is currently working as the ‘in-house’ composer / sound designer for London-based advertising and branding company Arm and Eye, producing music for online advertising campaigns.


Jack has a passion for working with young people and since graduating with a degree in music production in 1998 he has used his musicianship to help promote positive changes for young people in a number of different ways. From 2002-2009 Jack co-ran the social enterprise Hi-Road Studios, which provided open access recording sessions and alternative curriculum projects to a huge range of young people in Bristol. Since then Jack has been based in Brighton and has been a workshop leader, tutor and trainer for Rhythmix and Audio Active music charities among other projects.

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