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Simon Mole



“The work I do with Finding Rhythms always stays with me longer than almost any other comparable sessions I am involved in. The individuals involved and the writing/music they create become lodged in my brain quite deeply and then a lyric or a hook or a comment one of them has made pops up when I’m having breakfast or walking to the tube. I like to think that if one 3hr session can leave that mark on my brain as I live my life in the world, then the impact that ten of those sessions must have on young men living within the confines of a prison has to be huge.

“What I enjoy most is the opportunity to trust and test my creative instincts. I always plan for the workshops but I always leave that plan behind at some point, sometimes almost before it has begun! And somehow I always leave wanting to go home and write lyrics. I cannot say how rarely that happens after a decade of running rap/poetry/performance workshops.”




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