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FR022 | Sounds of Conviction



Finding Rhythms was founded in 2012 by Robin Harris and Emily Vermont. Our aim is to create a more engaged, positive and employable generation of prisoners… through music.
The album ‘Sounds Of Conviction’ was written and recorded in just 36 hours by a group of eleven men at HMP Ford. All tracks were written by the group and put to music collectively with the help of Project Leader, Robin Harris and Music Engineer, Alex Oldroyd.
Comments from learners

“I always thought that maybe I’m not good enough. Three weeks ago I thought to myself I’m just going to jump in the deep end and see what people think, and I got a very positive response back.”
“I think it’s made me realise that all your experiences and emotions and thoughts, they don’t have to be kept in your mind. They can be put out there in music form and written form. And you guys have encouraged that.”

“It brings people out of their shells. It’s very interpersonal. You may not know individuals, but you get to know them, even though it’s a short period of time. It is engaging, and it’s really important for prisons to have this experience, because some people can feel isolated and alienated in this environment.”

“You have to trust each other a bit, as a big team, as a group aiming to make the album, and also individually, when we’re working in pairs, twos and threes, writing songs or adding bits to each other’s work, and we’ve all had to let go of stuff in order to get more back”.

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