FR016|”This is survival, this ain’t no easy ride…”

Hard Times

Not long now before Christmas, have you prepared your Christmas list?! I know I haven’t! But with our discography getting larger, there is a long list of albums to give or be given! 😀 Including our brand new album….Hard Times.

Hard Times is the result of Finding Rhythms’ sixteenth project and was written and performed by eight men at Category A/B prison, Whitemoor. This was our first time working with a mixed group, comprising people from the main population of the prison and offenders with severe mental health issues (Fens unit). But that challenge didn’t stop us from unlocking potential and giving these men an outlet, a musical outlet, because whatever problems they may have, these men are still human and have a voice. The album expresses their diverse personalities and experiences in a powerful debut piece of artistry.

Hard Times delivers great vibrations with a mix of genres throughout. Reggae in particular oozes from this album but that doesn’t stop a bit of rock and folk seeping through your speakers or headphones towards the closing of the album – making this a great varied album! Listen to Hard Times here.

“Making this album was a huge step forward at Whitemoor for developing our Rehabilitative Culture. For the first time ever we had prisoners from Main Wings and the Fens Unit (for dangerous, severe, personality disorders) collaborating together and making some seriously good sounds in the process. We even had a few staff joining in! This wasn’t just a course it was a major event and we are so grateful to ‘Finding Rhythms’ for coming in with their expertise and amazing Musicians to make it happen. It was so impressive to see how they built our songs up from such humble beginnings and worked with all of us to keep us in (almost) perfect harmony. There is no holding us back now!”

Craig Nethercott, Head of Reducing Re-offending, HMP Whitemoor