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Being part of a scheme like Finding Rhythms, where they’ve got to work hard, where they’ve had to apply themselves, where they’ve had to complete a task within a set period of time… priceless. - Grahame Hawkings, Governor at HMP & YOI Isis

What We Do

We run short intensive music projects in a variety of settings led by some of UK’s top touring artists. Each project involves the participants working together to write and record an album of music which is then professionally produced.  Participants are also given the chance to earn a BTEC in employability and personal effectiveness.

The ingredients of our courses are always the same:


Our learners don’t have to have musical or technical skills. We’re not teaching music or production, we’re enabling creativity.


2. Recording
Recorded music is permanent, and the process of recording is timebound. So it requires commitment, reflection and a sense of urgency.


Our learners make exceptional music because they take advantage of all the skills and talents in the room. They learn to listen to others, find the courage to share ideas and work together towards a shared goal.


We run courses in a wide range of settings, but our three main areas are:




The essence of our work since 2012, projects in prisons are led by a team of three highly skilled musician / educators.


Recording on these short intensive courses begins straight away, with learners encouraged to improvise ideas that are built up in layers and edited together in real time, so that tracks can quickly be heard coming to life.


All learners are expected to try their hand at writing lyrics and contribute to recordings either vocally, instrumentally or with simple sound-making. Success is not measured by technical skill, but by the way that learners contribute to the process, challenge themselves and open up creatively.


Every track that they record is uniquely the product of their own experiences, tastes and sensibilities. Throughout the course, most learners work towards a BTEC Level 1 Award in Supporting Employability and Personal Effectiveness. This requires them to demonstrate their skill in the areas of communication, collaboration and task management. They also have conversations about future employment and volunteering goals, and are asked to think about the steps they should take to achieve these.


To find out more about hosting a Finding Rhythms course in prison, please email:




Our courses in the community follow broadly the same format as our prison courses, although they tend to run less intensively, over a longer period.


We always aim to produce an album’s worth of authentic, original music, and we always offer learners the chance to earn a BTEC Award. Most of our community courses are aimed at young ex-prisoners and young people who are disadvantaged or at risk of offending.


To find out more about hosting a Finding Rhythms course in a community venue, please email:




We run a range of one-day, half-day and evening workshops to stimulate creativity and support team building. In these short sessions we see participants thinking and expressing themselves in new ways, as they take on a task which will be completely unfamiliar to many of them.


Participants operate on a level playing field, where seniority, industry, or academic performance count for less than creativity, enthusiasm and focus, and they get to know each other through a fun but challenging activity.


To find out more about hosting a Finding Rhythms course for your class or team, please email:



Using the latest recording technology, participants and musicians are able to build tracks of music in layers – using professional studio techniques within an organic, improvisational setting.


We capture all elements of the tracks, looping and editing the layers together in real-time so that energy levels remain high and results are immediate. Within minutes we can improvise, record and assemble all the elements of a song, from rhythm to melody, bass to vocals. The tracks are then post-produced and mastered in a professional studio


Each workshop is lead by a project leader, a support musician and a sound engineer. Rather than teaching, these facilitators are there to guide participants and inspire them to develop their own ideas – this means that the shape and contents of the albums are driven entirely by our participants.


We have a wide pool of musicians that we call upon for this work, all of whom are recording artists in their own right rather than music teachers. This brings a professional ethos to our work that stems from many collective years’ experience in the music industry. Meet our team of artists

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