Sean Allen


Sean Allen

Sean Allen, aka Skripture, is a multi-instrumentalist performer, producer, and composer from West London. He can play bass, guitar, piano, and drums, and has a wealth of experience in taking a song from an idea to fruition.

As a professional, Sean has worked with a wide range of artists from Charlotte Church to Basement Jaxx, the Pussycat Dolls to Will.i.Am. A member of urban rock group The Score, he also works with his brother Nathan as a producing duo under the name Say Nothing. As Skripture he also produces up and coming artists and is a founding member of The Truth MoveMENT.

“Finding Rhythms has helped me just as much as the prisoners we work with. We’ve met & collaborated with some really talented individuals who have inspired me in ways I couldn’t have experienced via any other project. Everyone has a voice and Finding Rhythms is a vital outlet for the prisoners; the sessions give them something positive to look forward to.

“Alongside the participants learning new skills in musicianship, the CD & the qualifications they acquire, it’s also clearly therapeutic for them. It’s an an honour and a blessing to be a part of such a necessary organisation.”

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