Finding Rhythms has worked in UK prisons since 2013 and we have produced and recorded over 500 original tracks of music of various genres and empowered approximately 300 individuals to gain qualifications. We have significant experience of working in various environments including YOIs, Healthcare Units and mainstream populations in both male and female institutions. Through our specialist training, our team are well versed in trauma-informed practices and coaching practices, ensuring that they are equipped to facilitate meaningful conversations with participants. Our projects in prisons are designed to be collaborative and inclusive, providing an enabling environment and an opportunity for learners to come together in a positive manner.

In prisons, we run a 36 hour intensive group-based project where learners are challenged to write, record and produce an original album of music. We typically work with groups of up to 12 participants.

Alongside the music, our projects support the personal development of our learners and gives them the opportunity to gain a Prince’s Trust ‘Achieve’ Award which focuses on areas including teamwork, coping with pressure, mindset change and employability.

We aim to transform the attitudes and perceptions of our learners by showing them that they can contribute to positive projects, improve behaviour and be creative. We want to ensure that they benefit from our projects in a meaningful way that improves their well-being, confidence and helps them make better life choices in the future.

Our projects in prisons have earned us a successful reputation and they are recognised as unique and ground-breaking. Our work is proven to change attitudes of prisoners, reduce stress and improve overall mental health.

Our music has received approximately 70 Koestler Awards and some of our most recent partners have included HMP Bronzefield, ISIS YOI, HMP Chelmsford and HMP Thameside.

If you would like to find out more or talk to us about working in your prison, please email