Our Work

Finding Rhythms has built a reputation as intervention specialists in the field of musical creativity, operating in some of the most challenging environments in the UK. By treating learners as artists and creators in their own right, participants are empowered to tell their own stories whilst building key soft skills, engendering a more positive sense of identity. Our practitioners consist of trained culturally relevant professional musicians who combine creative professionalism with a capacity to build important relationships with hard-to-reach individuals. They provide enabling environments for learners to come together to create high quality albums of music, twin-tracked with an opportunity for participants to gain a Prince's Trust qualification.

People in a music studio

Our unique course consists of 6 masterclasses focused on the different elements of song creation. These are as follows:

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Empowering participants to find their own approach to making music and identify their goals and strengths.

Beats and Loops sub heading graphic

Understanding the process of creating sections of tracks using a wide range of music technologies including digital samplers and drum machines.

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Inspiring learners to write verses which authentically convey feelings, attitudes and aspirations.

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Helping individuals to understand the process of transforming a collection of musical ideas into a complete track.

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Supporting participants to have the confidence to perform final versions of heir songs.

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After completing a song, learners gain key insight and tips about sharing their music.