We work in the community to help vulnerable and at-risk young people aged 16-30 who have been marginalised, including those not in education, employment, or training (NEETS), care leavers, and ex-prisoners. We have worked with Youth Centres, Probation Services, Youth Offending teams and local councils.

Our experience has given us an acute understanding of the varying learning and mental health needs of beneficiaries and the ways in which our intervention can be  linked with other services. In the past, the creative content from projects has been used by caseworkers as a foundation for conversations about wellbeing. We can tailor our courses to have a stronger focus on skill-building and personal development through the Prince’s Trust qualification or focus purely on music creation.


We engage participants through our courses in music production whilst also empowering them through a focus on employability and personal development with the aim of improving their overall well-being, confidence and ability to make improved life choices.

Through our community partnerships, we aim to offer an intervention that suits the profile of beneficiaries and strategic needs of the service. Below are details of some of the ways in which we can deliver projects.

Intensive music projects

These are engaging programmes where groups of participants are challenged to write, record and produce an album of original music. Projects are delivered by trained musicians who are able to facilitate meaning conversations, supporting the personal development of the learners. This creative process can be twin tracked with an opportunity for learners to gain a Prince’s Trust award in Employability and Personal Development if suitable. Projects consist of up to 36 hours of learning and can be for groups of 6-12 people.

1-2-1 Music Masterclass

Our 1-2-1 Masterclass is delivered by a musician and supported by a coach/mentor, who provides reflection and personalised development support. Learners will work with the musician to create, record, and produce their own music. This programme consists of approximately 6 hours of engagement and involve musicians taking learners on a short but impactful journey of musical creation.

Music taster sessions

Participants build confidence and teamwork skills, learning about technical language and the creative process involved in music production over one day. These taster sessions can be delivered online or in-person at your venue and typically serve as a prelude to our more expansive courses.

Watch video footage of two of our participants from a recent Finding Rhythms project at Only Connect in London. You can also listen to the podcast below which is an interview with Stee Moglie, a former participant in one of our projects who is now a Finding Rhythms practitioner.

If you are interested in running a Finding Rhythms course in your organisation or with the people you work with please contact [email protected].

If you would like to refer a specific young person or ex-prisoner to one of our projects or a 1-2-1 masterclass please get in contact at [email protected] and request further information and a referral form.

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