“Diamonds In The Dirt” – HM/YOI Aylesbury

Diamonds in the Dirt is our latest album made at HM/YOI Aylesbury, and our second time returning to the prison.

Finding Rhythms attended HM/YOI Aylesbury for a two week music project. The whole event was seamlessly organised, the musicians were wonderfully talented and worked inclusively with the men. The men were given an opportunity to create meaningful music, and learnt new music technology skills. Music is a form of expression, it was fantastic to see the men using it to express sensitive topics. Thank you, Finding Rhythms for a great workshop. We look forward to working with you again very soon”.

Charlotte Fields, Learning and Skills Manager, HM/YOI Aylesbury

We will indeed be working with young offenders at Aylesbury very soon, with our third project scheduled for September.

“Diamonds In The Dirt” is available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Spotify: spotify.com/album/20csQlTOHoEe7QueYhZssY?si=eH3yK8rZTWuZ-_msZFTcjA

Bandcamp: findingrhythms.bandcamp.com/album/diamonds-in-the-dirt

Music practitioners: Aron Kyne and Andre Hall
Mixing and mastering: Andre Hall
Album concept and title: Participants
Album Artwork: Tomas Hennessy