Finding Rhythms and YMCA collaboration

Earlier this year, we ran a project with YMCA North London, a hostel in Haringey, providing accommodation and key support to marginalised people in the borough who would otherwise be homeless. The project engaged 12 young people and young adults in music workshops over 6 weeks and the end result was the amazing album consisting of 7 tracks entitled ‘I’ve Been Thinking’

The project marks our first album with a hostel and the first piece from our wider relationship with YMCA hostels in London. Many of the participants had few opportunities to connect with other people around them over the last 17 months, and we were so happy to play a role in supporting this. Furthermore, we know that people in hostels are unfairly marked with a breadth of negative stereotypes, and we hope that the creativity and messages brimming from this album challenges this.

Lucy Brotherston, Education, Training and Employment Co-ordinator and an instrumental part of YMCA North London said the following “The creative nature of the course allowed residents to explore their abilities. It also allowed them to work together, appreciate each other and be a bit more open. It has helped build a sense of community and there are new relationships being built improving the general mood in the hostel. During the last few weeks there have been fewer problematic incidents at the shelter, and we know the Finding Rhythms programme was one of the reasons for this”.

One of the participants spoke candidly about her experience with the programme.

“In general, I don’t think I am where I need to be, but this course has really helped build my confidence and self belief”

As always, we want to thank the participants who gave us access to their space and showed an incredible about of honesty and vulnerability with their contributions. We also want to thank our musical practitoners Thabo Mkwananzi, J P Thwaites and Tom Wright-Goss.