‘Invisible Pain’ Release – HMP Woodhill

We are proud to be releasing the second album to come out of our work at HMP Woodhill through the new HMPPS and NHS initiative called the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) pathway strategy. This was designed to support individuals in prisons who have severe mental health challenges and have difficulties integrating in prisons. 

“Invisible Pain” was made over six sessions in March with musicians Aron Kyne and Thabo Mkwananzi. It was a labour of love for all involved and a truly expressive and reflective experience.

The guys came through with some amazing ideas, lyrics and some very deep moments on this album ‘Invisible Pain’. We definitely pushed them outside their comfort zones musically but they rose to the challenge and made a fantastic album!” Aron Kyne

This was a challenging project because it took a while for the guys to really understand that they could express their deeper truths fully and safely. However, once we turned that corner, some truly magical moments and songs emerged. To me this album is a tentative balance between masculine braggadocio and human vulnerability. In this way it is beautiful and endearing.” Thabo Mkwananzi

“New Beginnings” is available to stream on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Spotify – spotify.com/album/7dVylqWdAe2yo90AZBRIkK?si=28pkaS92QoiVoek-Z0-PXg

Bandcamp – findingrhythms.bandcamp.com/album/invisible-pain