The Podcast Series

This series is helpful to anyone who wants to be a music producer, singer song-writer or simply know more about the work of the charity and the process of making music. Charity Founder Robin Harris interviews the professional musicians who work for the charity and other guests from the music industry.

This podcast series is produced by UK Music Charity Finding Rhythms.

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Learn about acoustic Drum beats with Session Drummer Nathan Allan (Amy Winehouse, Emile Sande)

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Find out what led Nathan to playing the drums Hear about his career with Amy Winehouse, Emile Sande and other celebrated artists. Why is he passionate about working with Finding Rhythms as a producer. Learn how he breaks down the sounds of the drums. What beats and grooves does he find himself returning to and what beats has he played / recorded the most in his recording career. Hear how he can breakdown the history of some of the most infectious drum grooves including funk, soul, gospel, swing etc How does he relate to modern electronic programmed beats and where does that leave the acoustic drummer now? Is the sound of drill / trap production really about automation and unplayable on the kit or is this just a challenge?

Poet Francesca Beard selects inspirational songs with powerful messages and gives advice on how to write lyrics

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Poet Francesca Beard talks about poetry and lyrics

Beats of Jungle, House, Garage, Dance Hall & Trap with Producer Aaron May

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Explore how Aaron May breaks down the beats into their individual stems, understand the defining characteristics of their sound.

Robin Harris talks to BBC Humber about the power of music in prison

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A short extract from Founder Robin Harris talking to Sally Fairfax from BBC Humber 11th March 2021.

Nurturing Creativity and Finding hope with Singer Jessica Greenfield

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Jess is a professional singer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Noel Gallagher and Professor Green. In this episode she shares some of her experiences of working in all category UK prisons with music charity Finding Rhythms.

Her most powerful memories are of leading a Finding Rhythms' recording project in Grendon HMP which is the UK's only Therapy Prison.

She shares songs on this podcast from projects in Cat A Whitemoor HMP, Grendon HMP and Swinfen Hall YOI.

Finding Rhythms Producer Ben Edwards talks about music he's produced in Prison

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How does Ben create an impression when meeting learners for the first time.

How does he view music workshops in prison.

Ben breaks down the process into the basic steps taken to produce a fully mastered and completed piece of music.

Listen to the music he's created on over 20 + projects in the last 10 years.

How to find your Singing Voice with Thabo Mkwananzi

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Zimbabwean born Singer Thabo explores the power of singing and expressing emotion.

Educator & Music Producer Tim Titsworth talks about The Princes Trust Award

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Listen to Tim Titsworth who talks with Robin about how to both produce great music and at the same time develop employment skills and personal strengths.

Tim describes the effect of working together produces an ongoing friendship and collaborative group. How the skills and confidence of the learners has developed and produced outstanding musical results and bonds between them.

Wynne Evans, Opera Singer and BBC Presenter talks about Finding Rhythms with Robin and ex-offender Ross

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BBC Presenter / Opera Singer Wynne Evans talks to Finding Rhythms Founder and Ex-Offender Ross.

How to create a Drill / Trap Beat with producer and touring musician Tom Wright Goss

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A simple step by step analysis of how a drill / trap beat is created. Ever wondered how that ominous, murky dark sound is created with crackling skippy hi hats? This podcast will look behind some of the techniques to create this sound.

Stevie tells her story working with Finding Rhythms

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Finding Rhythms graduate and incredible vocalist Stevie tells us about her journey in music and beyond and talks about how Finding Rhythm's played a vital role in her development.

The evolution of the MC & Rapper with Xidus Pain

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In this podcast, Xidus will go into detail about the evolution of the MC and where the rapper fits into the music industry.

The Story of House Music from Detroit born music producer Tim Titsworth

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Tim worked for the most iconic House Studio Chicago Trax where clients included Marshall Jefferson, Daryl Pandy, and Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. In this episode he breaks down the evolution of House from the early days and explains what makes it so infectious.

The Development of Hip-Hop with illustrious US rapper Kenny Baraka

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Brooklyn born Kenny talks about growing up in East New York during the formative years of Hip Hop. He also provides insight on how to draw inspiration, the craft of rapping and the importance of professionalism.

What is Dubstep with Award Winning BBC Music Producer Aaron May

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Aaron talks about how Dubstep came from the creative minds of two young teenagers in South London. He will break down the main components of the genre and explain the process of creating the unique sound.